What we do

KTF Stone Ltd was founded to address a gap in the market for specialised global expertise and experience for three types of client:

  • Private equity or venture capital companies with investments in logistics, looking to increase the value of their holdings or assessing new opportunities. We are also investigating technologies behind digitalisation opportunities in the industry, such as blockchain, exploring possible road maps with both start-ups and major technology companies;
  • Commercial companies controlling their own logistics and looking to optimize or improve the performance of their supply chain, from a cost and/or customer service perspective;
  • Logistics providers with freight forwarding activities looking to redesign business models or expand product or geographical footprints.

We offer impartial and confidential executive management advice and support to

  • Conduct strategic reviews of current business and goals
  • Identify or confirm challenges and opportunities within current markets
  • Understand the leadership team’s capabilities, gaps and challenges
  • Assess the effectiveness of processes and structures for day to day performance and achieving strategic goals
  • Support the leadership team in refining strategic design to create value
  • Identify key areas for change or improvement