How we can help

The Logistics industry is seen as “Male, Pale and Stale” in too many areas. The UK lags behind many other European countries in presenting logistics as a career path, with apprenticeships and other structured development programmes slow to gain traction. The impact of this is that it is often difficult for companies to have robust succession plans in place, to develop and promote talent through the ranks, or to bring in high-calibre people from outside the industry who can give different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities.

With a strong track record in developing and promoting talent regardless of gender or ethnicity, and with an extensive global network in the industry, our partners are ideally placed to support your company in

  • supporting the recruitment process to identify external talent, confidentially and with complete objectiveness
  • coaching and mentoring next generation internal talent to ready them for more senior roles
  • building succession plans that protect the core values of the company while avoiding stagnation

We offer support both to major corporations via wide-ranging talent programmes and systematic reviews of structures and succession plans, as well as to smaller, family-owned businesses interested in handing over between generations or expanding perspectives in order to grow.