Welcome to KTF Stone Limited

The logistics and supply chain industry was never simple and grows more complex every day. Margins are under constant pressure, technology can hinder as much as it helps, and doing everything pretty much perfectly just means you meet your customer’s expectations. Even without the uncertainties thrown up by the current political environment in the US, in the European Union and in other parts of the world, the market is a fast-changing one where the ability to react quickly is often undermined by the lack of resources and the need to keep a tight grip on the day job.

We founded KTF Stone Limited because we have lived the challenges in our industry, with decades of experience at the sharp end working for global players and across multiple markets. We believe there is a need for dedicated expertise and advice that is grounded in reality, understands the constraints of management in demanding situations, and focuses on the important things. We provide additional bandwidth to your management team, allowing projects to be run alongside the business as usual activities, and lessening the need to prioritise one over the other.

We do this because we love the industry and we love our job. We promise that

  • We only accept assignments that we are confident of delivering, and of delivering in reasonable time frames
  • We do not seek to ‘land and expand’, looking for additional opportunities at every turn
  • The people you meet in the sales phase will be the people who work on your project. You will not pay us to train our junior staff
  • If we don’t think we can help you we will tell you and point you to other parties who are better suited.

Do we sound like a company you would like to work with? If so, please check out the “What we do” section for more details on the services we offer, and get in touch!

All engagements are undertaken on a strictly confidential and neutral basis.